Centralized management and thin clients lead to higher call center productivity

  • High cost of refreshing PC hardware for 5000 call center users
  • Loss of user productivity during refresh
  • Consumption of valuable IT support resources during refresh
  • Centralizing management of IT assets
  • N-series thin clients
  • Ability to make any necessary updates to the IT environment one time centrally and then deliver that image to end users
  • Ability for users to log in from different devices and get the same session, profile, performance and operating system.
  • 90% reduction in support calls to fix operating systems, hardware and desktops crashes
  • Increased user focus and productivity due to elimination of desktop fan noise
  • 60% savings on energy costs

“With centralized management and the use of the N-series thin clients from NComputing, all processes, from the preparation of new employees to updates in the user’s operating systems, occur faster and simpler than ever before”

Marcio Menegatto

IT Manager