Explore Learning brings tuition and a confidence boost to 33,000 pupils across the UK

  • Maximizing efficiency of IT team
  • Firefighting hardware and software issues in a large-scale organization
  • Meeting growth demands with limited budget and resources

L300 thin client solution by NComputing based upon 2 virtualized Windows Server operating systems per site providing optimal performance, redundancy and ease of local or remote management.

  • 20% savings on cost of hardware=6000GBP savings per center.
  • IT Team focused on core task of managing and deploying new centers.
  • Software issues resolved in seconds.
  • Speed, robustness, safety and tidiness of desks for pupils.
  • Self-maintenance and time efficiency for onsite staff.

“NComputing allowed us to be smart without worrying about buying lots of clunky kit and hiring more IT staff!”

Matthew Evans

IT Director, Explore Learning