The Virgin Islands DOE

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  • Aging desktop computers that were slow and required too much maintenance
  • Configuration errors and support problems caused by donated computers
  • Need of replacing desktop stations, which were older machines and labs may not be able to run the assessment applications
  • Difficulty managing computer software installations and updates throughout the Districts
  • Limited budgets and mandates to provide wider computing access
  • vSpace Server with L300, vSpace Management Center
  • The districts can now outfit an entire classroom or lab providing one-to-one access with Windows workstations for a portion of the cost of doing so with traditional computing.
  • Thin client solutions are less expensive than regular desktops, and maintenance is consolidated to one server, which is more affordable and feasible for schools.

“The thin client devices are easier to manage, maintain and more energy efficient, and can further hook up to a centralized server.”

Clinton Stapleton, Ph.D.

IT Director | V.I. Department of Education, Territory Office of Instructional Technology